Monday, April 29, 2013

A new Etsy listing...

When I posted my "It takes courage..." illustration last month, a few people inquired about whether or not I would be adding the image to my Etsy shop.  It's taken me awhile, but I finally have a new listing up for this illustrated E.E. Cummings quote!  Hooray!  You can see the listing here.

I hope you're having a happy Monday! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hooray for spring! Hooray for picture books!!

I'm very excited to share that I will be illustrating my second picture book!

The story, which is by Linda Ashman, is called "MORE!" and will be published by Random House in fall of 2015.  I really love this manuscript and am over the moon to be a part of this project!  Linda has written many wonderful books and you can see some of them here.  Hooray!!!

In other news, here are some blog posts that I think you might like...

An interview with illustrator, Trina Schart Hyman

A post on Mr. Schu's blog, "Watch Connect Read", about Marla Frazee, Chris Rashka, and David Ezra Stein

And illustrator, Julia Denos presents the Fairy bell sisters.

Happy reading!  And happy spring!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My studio is slowly coming together.  The bulletin board and bookshelves are full and the unpacked boxes are hidden away for now.  We've had over a foot of snow in the last few days and it's nice and cozy inside, which is where I'll be staying until I've finished the drawings I'm working on.

I hope that you're someplace warm and cozy, too, and that you're feeling inspired.  :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warming up...

Phew!  The move is over, although pretty much everything is still in boxes.  But, with deadlines approaching things will have to stay in boxes a little while longer.

Here are a few girls I doodled to start off the day.  I hope this week finds you well!