Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A travel update...

Last year, my husband and I traveled around the country in an RV named Daisy.  We promised to keep a blog documenting our travels, and while we did do a few posts, I'm afraid said travel blog never quite got off the ground.

Before we headed out on the road I imagined lots of free time spent sitting around nightly campfires, learning to play my ukulele, working on cross-stitch projects, and writing lots of fun blog posts with photos and descriptions of where we'd been, what we'd seen and experienced, and where we were heading next.

In reality we had maybe 3 campfires during our ten months of travel.  I did manage to eke out one small cross-stitch project and learn a couple of new chords on the ukulele, but all in all, the free time I imagined was mostly non-existent.

Between keeping up with work deadlines, trying to post once in awhile on my own blog, researching new places to stay every few days, navigating new towns and grocery stores, trying to find good dog parks, dealing with RV maintenance stuff, and general exploring, there wasn't much time for blogging.  Also, it turns out that navigating a career change for Bill, learning to work in a tiny space for me, and sort of just figuring out what a marriage looks like when you squeeze it into less than 100 sq. ft. with two bouncy dogs, all felt kind of private.  

Our awesome black lab, Domino, wasn't able to finish the trip with us.  While we were in Oregon last summer our eternally gung ho girl finally succumbed to three years with cancer.  She was the coolest and we miss her a lot.

So, I guess the super short version of our RV travels is that it was wonderful and hard and I'd totally do it again IF I had a very light work load or was going to take a break from work all together.

Last October, with several new projects and tight deadlines rolling in and some health stuff to take care of (everything is ok now), we headed home to Colorado where we settled into Bill's parents' cute little cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park, which is where we're still living (since our house is rented out).

Eventually we'll move up to Washington State and occasionally we talk about heading out in the RV for a month or two, but for now we're enjoying summer in the mountains and having some free time to sit around campfires now and then.  

Here are a few snapshots from our trip, but for great photos of some of the places we visited and the wildlife we saw, head over to Bill's photography website:

Here's to big adventures, well loved dogs, and safe trips home!