Friday, July 2, 2010

Tea and Crumpets and World Domination

This one is for Allison, whose comment on one of my previous large haired ladies inspired the idea for this one. I think you might have to click on the image and view it a bit larger to appreciate it fully. I hope you like it Allison! :)

Added Tuesday, July 6 (I just realized that even when you click on this image to view it larger, its really hard to read the title on the book... I think maybe I'll do a re-do of this one soon...)


  1. Hi Brooke! OH! I love fun! She has a wonderful face and the soft details of her enormous "do" is've definitely captured volume. Amazing she can hold it all up with her thin neck. : ) Lovely work, Brooke!

  2. by the way...we recently saw a fun movie coming up ...Tangled by Disney..check it out if you have a chance. And, I love your list o' blogs...there are many that are on my favorite list too! : )

  3. hee hee! Thanks Brooke! I'm glad my comment amused and inspired you. :)