Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work in progress

Well, after several months of re-working my portfolio, the SCBWI Summer Conference is almost here. While I'm really glad that I'm almost done putting my new portfolio together, I feel a wee bit dis-heartened. My illustrations never turn out to be as magical as they are in my head and it seems that my particular unique style is right at the tip of my brain, the tips of my fingers, but I haven't quite discovered it. I suppose the only way to find it is to keep on drawing... and so I will. Any thoughts on style, fellow bloggers? How did you find yours?


  1. How wonderful that you are setting out to the Summer Conference! I know it will be amazing for you. And I hear you, prepariing a portfolio seems so daunting at times, but I'm sure there are many moments and pieces in your portfolio that make you smile and you know when they just "sing", right? Personally, I have found that sketching every night has helped me a great deal...so I think your idea "to keep drawing" is excellent. I had heard from Amy Bates at an Illustrator's conference, that that is the key - to draw, draw, draw, and then draw some more.

    As for style - I think that the way you illustrate things changes through time, and you become a little more confident with illustrating things when you find pleasure in the content. I keep drawing little fuzzy creatures, and they seem to make me smile a lot. I recently stumbled across another amazing artist, Renata Liwska, who says, draw what you enjoy. I think this is also a way to find your way with your own work.

    Best of luck to you at the conference, I know your portfolio is wonderful - we are are own harshest critics it seems!

  2. i LOVE seeing work in progress. :) its neat to see how everything comes alive and together. :)