Monday, June 6, 2011

Airport Sketches

International Airports are great places for people watching. There were so many interesting faces of all different kinds in both the Lima and Houston airports. And since we had long layovers I had lots of time to observe my fellow travelers.

Now that I'm home I realize that I've been neglecting a bountiful source of inspiration. While I sit alone in my basement studio, doodling and trying to come up with interesting characters, there's a world full of fascinating faces just a bike ride away, just waiting to be turned into storybook heroines and candy giving witches, bike messengers and shopkeepers, monsters and kings.

So I resolve to spend more time out in the world, observing the folks of my town, and taking advantage of the inspiration that I'd forgotten was there. Maybe I'll even head to the airport once in awhile.


  1. I loved the people you sketched, and looking forwar dto the more you sketch. i love the softness of the way you sketch, I tend to sketch too dark(will work on that) .:)

  2. So many interesting profiles- I especially love the woman with the long hair. You have such a talent for portraying character in faces. I love watching people at airports too :)