Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

I'm home. sigh. It feels good to be home. Hello iced coffee! Hello fresh veggies! Hello Kitty cat! Hello blog!!

Here's one of the many sketches I did during one of our two very long layovers (the first one was 10 hours and the 2nd was about 5 hours) on our trip home from Peru.

I have many more sketches to share (and maybe some photos and stories too)... but those will have to wait a day or two. For now I have to tackle the pre-wedding catastrophe that is our house and my studio. I hope you are well my friends. See you again very soon...


  1. Welcome back- can't wait to see some more of your beautiful drawings :)

  2. Welcome back Brooke! I hope you had a marvelous time. Share some photos if you get a chance!