Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sketches from Peru

Happy Wednesday to you!

Here are some sketches from our honeymoon in Peru.

I wish that I was a words person so that I could do justice to all of the weird, funny, beautiful things that happened... but sadly, I am only a pictures kind of a person. So these sketches will have to suffice.

Although, I will say that we saw Andean condors (they have a wingspan of 3 meters!), lots of llamas, several white caiman, a baby howler monkey, and a snail the size of a man's fist. We met a lot of really wonderful, friendly, interesting people. And we ate LOTS of delicious food... lomo saltado, fresh squeezed orange and mango juice, and cuy (aka, guinea pig). Oh, and potatoes. Peru is the birth place of potatoes.

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  1. they are all Beautiful! my favorite are the virgin and the treees. :) by the way beautiful lettering :)