Tuesday, July 26, 2011

L.A, updated web portfolio, and Etsy!

Here's a detail of the illustration I'm working on today... one of the last pieces to make it into my portfolio before I head to the conference in L.A. next week. Wait a minute... next week!?!?!!! Holy cow.... seriously? Yikes!

I've added some new pieces to my portfolio. You can see them here.

And in other exciting news... My brother opened a cool new Etsy shop called Verge and Foliot. He has some really beautiful things for sale that would make great gifts, especially for guys! Check it out!


  1. This looks great Brooke!! And your brother's Etsy shop is wonderful. I hope all the best for you in L.A.

  2. Love your new portfolio pieces- you have a real talent for creating animal caricatures (if that's the right word?). The beach scene reminds me of a childrens book I used to read when I was little... very sweet :)

  3. What great bathing babies, Brooke! Your website is looking wonderful. Have such an excellent time in LA!