Monday, September 19, 2011

Zombies are the worst... and other conference notes

This past weekend I attended the SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Conference. I got to hang out with my friend, Jill Bergman, which was great! I also got to meet the lovely and talented Erika Barriga in person for the first time. Its always nice to meet internet friends in real life.

I had a portfolio critique with the very smart and funny, Adam Rex. Its strange and wonderful how sometimes a single sentence, or even just a few words, can trigger a flurry of small epiphanies. That's what happened when I met with Mr. Rex. Now I'm full of vim and vigor and new ideas.

So, I saw my good friend, met some very friendly folks, and had a really helpful critique. But, perhaps most importantly, I seem to have gained a handle on a long held phobia of mine. You see, I am terrified of zombies. Yes, its true. And yes, I know its highly irrational. Vampires? Mummies? Werewolves? Amusing perhaps, but not terrifying. But zombies? Seeing a picture of a zombie makes my blood pressure rise. Just thinking about zombies makes my palms sweat. And the noise they make... oh dear god...the noise...*shutter*.

But this weekend I purchased Adam Rex's book, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. In it there is a comic strip called "Zombie Zombie" that totally cracked me up and left me feeling rather fond of the two featured zombies. I suddenly found myself doodling the living dead.

So, zombies, I'm still not ready to watch your movies. Just thinking of your creepy moaning, not to mention the fact that you want to eat my brain, makes me queasy. But it turns out that I think you're kind of fun to draw.

Maybe now the Zombie Apocalypse dreams that I have on a regular basis won't seem quite so terrifying. Thank you Adam Rex. Thanks for the great critique and for helping me to see that zombies aren't as scary as I thought.


  1. Your sketchbook drawings are wonderful. Very distinctive and original faces and characters. By the way, "I love Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich." What a great opportunity to have a portfolio critique by that amazing artist. Oh, and I have an Aunt who lives in Fort Collins. My dad grew up there and I use to visit there all the time when I was a kid and my grandmother was still alive.

  2. Zombies are quite creepy aren't they? Your zombie especiallly! My goodness, your sketch pads are so neat and well organised. Mine are nothing like that- just all scribbles and rubbed out bits. I love that fox, he has a very cute little nose :)

  3. Oh Brooke, you are way tougher than any of those wimpy zombies. I'm so glad you conquered your fears! I especially love that top sketch. I bet that little girl could knock down that zombie with just a push of her finger.

    I wrote about your wise words over on my blog. I had to paraphrase, I hope I got it mostly right. :) It was really great to see you last weekend!