Monday, October 17, 2011

Emma and Mr. Knightly

I watched Emma over the weekend. So enjoyable. I also did lots of little experiments on watercolor paper.

For years I've been using illustration board to do my watercolor illustrations. I can't remember exactly why I started using illustration board, but lately I haven't been terribly fond of it. And after I watched Marla Frazee's demonstration on stretching watercolor paper at the SCBWI Summer Conference, I felt inspired. So I ordered some lovely, bright white Arches watercolor paper from Dick Blick... And I am in love.

"Oh how the paint flows evenly over the paper!" I said to my husband. "Oh how my pencil glides over the creamy surface!" I declared. He smiled wanly, in an attempt to show understanding. But alas, he couldn't really, truly share in my excitement. But surely YOU, dear friend, will understand the magic of finding just the right new art supply?

Oh watercolor paper, you are the Mr. Knightly to my Emma... it took a little while, but now I finally see how wonderful you are. *sigh*


  1. aw I love emma!, you should watch the bbc version of emma is really good too, in fact i liked it better :) also you capture their likeness pretty well. :D

  2. Hey, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Your work is very charming and I really love the rollover images on your website. I totally relate to the joy of finding new paper :-D

  3. Hoooray, Brooke! That's awesome..yes, I do love watercolor paper. And I use watercolor blocks (just lazy I guess)...this is a lovely tribute to good supplies!!

  4. Brooke, do you use hot press paper, and do you need to stretch it?