Monday, January 16, 2012

I Want to be an Artist

My parents have been cleaning out their basement and this weekend they gave me several folders containing school projects from my childhood days.

Its strange and wonderful to read thoughts and stories written by my child self. Apparently I was really into the Easter Bunny. And there seem to be quite a few stories about talking bears. Maybe there's the seed of a picture book idea within these childhood papers.

Based on the page above, it seems that my 9 year old self would be pretty happy with how life has turned out... except for the "Animals Art" shop... haven't quite gotten around to that... yet.


  1. Love this. Recently went through the same exercise with my folks. I remember wishing I had listened sooner to the musings of my 9 year old self.

  2. You DO draw fantastic animals and there is a bear right on your header (since he is dressed in a dandy little suit, I'm betting on the possibility that he could talk). Great to see you fulfilling childhood art dreams :)

  3. This is precious, Brooke! What a treasure to have!!! And you are an amazing'll be wonderful to see what you choose to use for future book ideas! : )

  4. Inspiration to all children holding the same dream close to their hearts... it can be done :o)

    And to single out Mountain Lions and Horses... not the easiest of animals to draw!

    What a treasure of a letter from your childhood. I hope I find such a treasure from my school days when I finally clear the attic!

  5. This is so cute! It's always sweet to look back at old work or read soething you wrote. I still have saved up all my diaries and sketches from when i was younger( that my mom saved everytime i threw them away). Glad life turned just the way your 9 year old wanted :D!