Friday, February 17, 2012

Smitten Kitten

Here's a little kitty, heading out to do a bit of shopping.

The husband and I did a bit of shopping on our trip to California. Although, it was mostly window shopping. (Our big purchases were socks for $3.50, two fancy cupcakes, and some sunscreen). Despite blowing out two tires in our rental car while lost in east L.A., we had a really nice vacation. Hanging out with our niece and nephew at Disneyland is pretty much the greatest thing ever. And watching sand pipers run around on the beach was also highly enjoyable.

In other news, my friend Jill gave me an award on her blog today! Thank you Jill! In the spirit of passing on some blog love, I thought I'd list a few of the blogs that I've been especially smitten with lately.

Jill Bergman, Art on the Page

Abigail Halpin

Sophie Blackall

Julia Denos, The Cinnamon Rabbit

Ben Clanton's Squiggles and Scribbles

Tina Kugler

Denise Holmes, Nisee Made

Angela Matteson, Angelato

Soule Mama

Marsha Riti

Shirley Ng-Benitez

Mattias Inks

Er... I guess that was more than a few, but I just couldn't narrow it down.

I hope that you all had a very lovely week! And I also wish for you that you will never get two flat tires at the same time. Happy Friday!


  1. You are so wonderful Brooke. :)

  2. Yikes on the flat tire thing!
    I checked out the blogs you've listed- very good stuff and thanks for sharing them. I agree with Marsha that you are wonderful and a winner every day!

  3. Thanks for the blog love! :) checked out the others and found a couple were new to me and quite delightful. Like the kitty illo!

  4. How fabulous you were in California!! Disneyland with little ones is the best..I am SO sorry to hear you had a flat tire in east LA though! The award couldn't go to a sweeter and more deserving person, Brooke! Thank you for such a sweet mention..I must say right back atcha!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! Your blog is always a delight to visit! :)