Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow White Re-do

After poor planning, some impulsive painting decisions, a not quite right composition, and much teeth grinding and fist shaking, I decided that my first version of Snow White just wasn't working as well as I wanted it too.

I realized that while I do want to keep up with the project I've assigned myself, the point isn't just to finish 12 fairytale illustrations, but to finish them well, or at least to learn something along the way. So, I started over.

Here's the new drawing, partially inked. Hopefully I'll still have it finished before the 1st of March.

*Note to self, rushing through a project almost always results in fist shaking.


  1. And it already looks beautiful!

  2. Hi Brooke, I like the new composition of the dwarfs...but I prefered the first snow White and cottage!

  3. this looks totally amazing! I understand having to start over. It happens, and I always feel so annoyed, but then the results from a redo are better!

  4. ...ya know.. this one is better!
    like the changes to Snow Whites expression and seeing more of the forest.
    I commend you for re-doing a self-made project! :) Its real dedication... ;)

  5. You are a champ! Re-doing a drawing is the worst, BUT it usually is way better! This new version is fantastic. I love the framing of the trees and how you've handled the characters, they show great movement! I can't wait to see the finished peice!

  6. It's gonna be lovely. Those dwarves are so wonderful! And you are right to take the time you need so you'll be happy with it. I look forward to seeing it done!