Friday, July 20, 2012

Painting Black and White...

Here's a peak of the latest portfolio piece I've been working on.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the Pigpen Theatre Company, which looks really cool.  I hope someday I can see one of their shows in person.  But in the meantime, they have some videos that are fun to watch.

And in SCBWI conference news, illustrator Molly Idle has some great posts about getting ready for L.A. 2012.  You can read them here

And here's a really helpful blog post from Jill Corcoran Books about how to write a query letter. 

And just one more thing... There are some lovely, new posts over at Between the End Pages.  

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey Brooke! This is really sweet. What do you use for your gray washes, ink or watercolor?

  2. This is wonderful! You have absolutely lovely work. This has inspired me to try black and white washes.