Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today I'm working on painting a series of vignettes about a little kitty who takes a long walk.

In unrelated, but more interesting news, if you're a fan of The Dark Crystal or The Labyrinth, I think you might like looking at this.  I sure did.

Also, are you going to #LA12SCBWI?  (Is it weird to use Twitter hash tags outside of Twitter?) And if you are, how are your preparations coming along?

And one more question... After the conference, Hubby and I are driving from L.A. to Seattle.  Do you have any suggestions for places to stop along the way?  Maybe a cool book store or a good place to eat?  I'd love your advice! Please and thank you.  :)


  1. I'll be in LA again! (And can I say how much I love your vignette? I have a thing for foxes on bikes, too! ;)

    Preps are sloooowly coming. Postcard is being created this week. Outfits are all planned out (Gala & otherwise). I have no critiques or showcase, so I'm the most laid back I've ever been for a trip to LA!

    Enjoy your drive up to Seattle. No tips, but I know the scenery is gorgeous. Any way you can stop by Yosemite on your way up? It's one of my favorite places in Cali. :D

  2. I love that kitty painting and Northern Exposure was one of my favorite shows.

  3. Beautiful as usual! If you are heading up the coast, even though it may be out of the way I would head out to Monterey and the Hearst Castle just south of there. I use to live there. GORGEOUS scenery.

  4. Charming kitty and fox (love her jacket!). Enjoy the conference and your trip up the West Coast. As a Californian, I would just say that, if possible, try to drive as close to the coast as time permits...much more to see and do than going the inland route. If you need anything as you pass through the Bay Area, holler!

  5. Hey Brooke! I adore this kitty so much first of all, secondly your composition is fantastic. I really love looking at your work! Its so beautiful, sweet, and fun. And on a side note, I am bummed to not get to see you at the L.A. Conference BUT if you are looking for something fun to do in Seattle- I am in Seattle!!! If you and your husband are open to meeting up, let me know! Ps-Seattle just put in a really cool ferris wheel on the pier, you should check it out!

    1. Someone mentioned Northern Exposure- if you are a fan you could swing out to Roslyn where the filmed the show, its about an hour east of Seattle and if you like Twin Peaks, you should go to Snoqialmie Falls and then have lunch it Twedes (formerly the Double R). I'm a tv nerd, can you tell?

  6. I'm jealous! LA conference and a trip up the west coast sounds quite nice. Oregon recommendations are Powells Books in Portland. Also, Neskowin, Seaside and Cannon Beach are all great coast spots. Ditto to what Jessixa said about Seattle. I'm giving the new ferris wheel a try tomorrow. Care Flora is a great Seattle restraunt

  7. Whoops! Cut off . . . Also gasworks park, Molly moons ice cream, and Elliott bay books!