Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Something different

The past couple of weeks I've been feeling a little bit creatively stumped.  So, I decided to try something new.

I ordered a needle felting kit from Etsy and made a little rabbit.  Then I found a pad of newsprint paper in the closet, went to the art supply store for some charcoal, and did a big, loose drawing of the big horned sheep skull that lives in my studio.  Using new materials is a really helpful way for me to keep creatively loose. 

How about you?  What tricks do you use to keep the ideas flowing?  


  1. That rabbit is too cute! I think working in new materials is a great idea to get creative juices flowing. When lost for inspiration I spend time looking at illustrations on Pinterest or try illustrating a scene from a popular piece if literature!

  2. Kitting and exercise always seem to help me out a bit. I've also gotten into the habit of committing to 20 minute doodle sessions where I just draw things of no great importance.

  3. Your rabbit is adorable, and I love that sheep skull!
    To kick start the ideas, I look at other illustrator/artist blogs & portfolios, and read, read, read -- sometimes I just read my symbol encyclopedias, or mythology reference guides, or listings of fantastical places.

  4. On creative desert this blog can be helpful:
    Especially when you need to create new character ;)

  5. It's so fun to hear what you all do to keep the creativity flowing! Thank you so much for chiming in!

    Hannah, you're right, Pinterest is such a great place to find inspiration. I should remember to look there more often.

    Jennifer, doodle sessions are such a good idea!

    Pictoteeno, I love the idea of reading listings of fantastical places. Do you have a book that lists fantastical places? Or is there a blog or website? I'd love to know!

    AgnieszkaS, I had so much fun looking through faces in places! Thank you so much for sharing!