Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm working on today...

After I read this interview with Peter Brown (particularly the bit where he talks about his childhood memory) I had the idea for this illustration.

It feels a little funny... er... maybe a little overly personal, to illustrate something that happened to a real life person whom I've never met.  But, I was really struck by the image that Peter Brown's memory conjured up.  And there's something about the idea of illustrating childhood memories that I find really interesting.  I'll post the finished version soon.

In the meantime, the lack of snow and the near 70 degree weather we're having is making it difficult to get into the holiday spirit.  But, hot chocolate and Christmas music are helping just a tiny bit.  I hope things are festive wherever you are!  Happy Wednesday-ing to you!


  1. What great perspective! A very sweet moment captured, Brooke! We don't have very festive weather right now, either. I mean, it's not uncommon for us to be in low 70's, but we've been in mid-80's all week, so I'm having a hard time listening to Winter Wonderland! :P

  2. GORGEOUS, Brooke! I love the perspective and the warmth of the entire image just glows. : )

  3. Brooke, this is so sweet, and the POV is just wonderful. I can't wait to see it finished! Happy Wednesday to YOU :)

  4. Your chosen perspective for this is perfect. Lovely image... and how nice that it was sparked by a real and magical moment.