Friday, August 16, 2013

Back home...

After a whirlwind of a conference in L.A. and a lovely tour around Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, I finally arrived home late last night.  Next week I'll tell you more about the conference and my trip, but for now here's a picture of my updated inspiration board and a few photos of beautiful Washington.  Now there are bags to unpack, plants to water, emails to write, and naps to take.  I hope you've been enjoying August! 


  1. Wow...can't wait to hear all your news.. :)

  2. I hear things went really well for you at the conference- I can't wait to get the details!!! These are beautiful photos. I hope you had a nice vacation! :)

  3. Hi Brooke, I love the coloured pebbles. I am buying my son Fergus a stone polisher from Santa. x