Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hoping for snow...

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you!  I always like seeing how other people work so I thought I'd share a few process photos of one of yesterday's warm-up sketches.  For the ink outline I use FW Acrylic Artists Ink and for the gray background wash in the last photo I used ArtGraf watercolor graphite. 

The cold snap we had in Colorado a few weeks ago is officially over and now it feels far too much like spring.  This little curly haired gal and I are hoping we'll have some fresh snow soon. 


  1. I enjoyed watching your little character develop through the stages. I hope the curly haired gal gets to enjoy a little snow :)
    Wouldn't it be fun if we could 'paint in' the weather we desire!
    I'm in the UK, and here we have blustery rain and it is 51Deg F
    Little chance of a white Christmas here :(

  2. You and Curly (she's lovely!) can have snow in your neighborhood - I am enjoying the warmth!

  3. How super. Thanks for sharing your process and have a great holiday!

  4. I love it Brooke. Do you find that there are many uses for the water-soluble graphite? Is it fixed, or smudge able? What color is your Acrylic line - burnt siena?

    I'm on a quest this year to find new techniques that may help improve my work.