Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday morning...

I started off the day sketching and reading at one of my favorite coffee shops.  Sometimes it's nice to get out of the studio for a little while.  Now I'm back home and deadlines are quickly approaching so I'm off to work on book projects.  But, before I go, here are a few links you might like...

An article about Kadir Nelson and his new book, Baby Bear.

My author/illustrator friend, Julie Rowan-Zoch, recently introduced me to the very excellent work of Vladimir Stankovic.

A conversation between Caldecott winners, Jon Klassen and Chris Raschka. 

An interesting video of illustrator, Victo Ngai. 

My brother's really cool instagram photos

Enjoy your Tuesday! :)


  1. That sounds like a nice way to spend a Tuesday morning. Also, thanks for the links! Vladimir's art is really interesting indeed.